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Vodafone Navigator for Vodafone Blackberry Users
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24th January, 2007

Europe : Vodafone España announced the launch of Vodafone Navigator, a complete GPS mobile navigation service, updated in real time, for Vodafone Blackberry* users powered by the Telmap Navigator solution.

The Vodafone Navigator solution works as a GPS to provide the user with the best possible route to their destination by using real-time updated maps and traffic information. It offers coverage and cartography for the whole of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Gibraltar). All data traffic for map downloads, routing and accessing information in real-time is included in the Blackberry Flat Rate.

The service is available at the price of €249 and includes:

• A GPS Bluetooth receiver/transmitter with charger

• One-year’s service

• All data traffic to download maps and for routing and information included in the Blackberry Flat Rate.

Vodafone Navigator provides an enriched navigation, cartography and travel-assistance experience. It guides the user – both in-car and pedestrian - to the best route for the desired destination, using high-quality voice and map instructions. If traffic is heavy, Vodafone Navigator will inform the user in real-time and all the maps are automatically updated without the need to purchase new versions or download additional applications. The service can currently be used with all Blackberry* devices and will shortly be expanded to other advanced mobile devices.

Vodafone Navigator also allows users to easily search for points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels or shopping centres. Once found the details can be shared with friends via SMS.

Vodafone Navigator is based on latest-generation technology patented by Telmap ‘MOND’ (Mobile Optimised Navigation Data); which optimises navigation- and map-data transfers from a central server to the users’ mobile devices. MOND technology uses an advanced compression protocol to transmit the most complete, practical, appropriate and reliable navigation data to mobile terminals. The system guarantees that Vodafone Navigator users can enjoy interruption-free navigation with dynamic rerouting without having to reconnect to the server.

“Telmap is very happy to extend the benefits of advanced, real-time mobile navigation to Vodafone España’s subscribers said Oren Nissim, CEO of Telmap. “Vodafone España’s trendsetting decisions to offer Vodafone Navigator is further proof that the world’s leading operators recognize the great potential of mobile navigation.”

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3G Phone Offer of the Month
3G offer of the month