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Nokia Lumia 620 - Reasons to buy one

By Kevin Thomas on 12th February 2013

The Nokia Lumia 620 is one of the latest 3G smartphones to be launched and went on sale in December last year. The Lumia 620 is the budget model of the Nokia Lumia series of smartphones and is priced accordingly. The flagship model for the Lumia series is the Nokia Lumia 920, whilst the lower specified Nokia Lumia 820 should be classed as the mid-range model.


Nokia Lumia 620 – is Windows Phone 8 for you ?

Of course, the Nokia Lumia 620 is manufactured by Nokia and comes with the Windows Phone 8 operating system, which was jointly developed by Microsoft and Nokia. One of the important buying decisions for anyone considering buying the Nokia 620, and who has not used Windows Phone 8 before, must be the performance and functionality of the operating system.


For those more familiar with the Android or iOS operating systems than Windows Phone 8 this should be one of the key deciding factors. You could see if a friend has a Windows Phone and try it out or go to a shop where you can see it for yourself in action.


If you're happy with Windows Phone 8 and the Nokia Lumia 620, you will be pleased to hear that the operating system runs beautifully and works as well as on any other of the smartphones in the series. More on the operating system and its features can be found in our Nokia Lumia 620 review. A big plus with all Window Phone 8 smartphones is that they sync seamlessly with your Windows notebook, laptop and PC.


We include a Nokia Lumia 620 video to provide an overview of the phones features and capabilities.



Nokia Lumia 620 – do I want a budget handset ?

Although everyone classes the Nokia Lumia 620 as a budget smartphone, this does mean its like a budget handset of 5 years ago. The Lumia 620 is, after all, manufactured by Nokia and comes with a first class operating system. I guess it’s a budget handset with a great pedigree and a creditable specification.


A summary of the features include : an 8-inch TFT display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution supported by Nokia ClearBlack, 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 5-Mega-pixel camera with auto focus and LED flash, 8GB of internal memory, 7GB of Microsoft Sky-Drive cloud storage and NFC. You also get Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music.


The truth about the Nokia Lumia 620 is clear. It’s a highly specified budget handset that most people would be happy to carry around. More on this next.


Nokia Lumia 620 – a fistful of colours

Phones these days need to be colourful as well as trendy. You could say the Lumia 620 is smart inside and out. This is where you may go crazy when you have to select the right colour shell case for your Lumia 620 ( see above ). The Lumia 620 comes with a choice of 20 stock backgrounds and accent colours. One for every work day of the month !


Nokia Lumia 620 – is it for you

The Nokia Lumia 620, in my opinion, is a budget smartphone in only one area : price. It can be bought for as little as £150 on Pay As You Go, yet has a specification that would keep nearly everyone happy with its performance. 3G covered why the Nokia Lumia 620 is such an affordable phone here.


With its trendy looks, smooth operating system and crystal clear screen featuring Nokia ClearBack technology, which reduces reflection on the screen and improves visual image quality ( especially outdoors ), it may well be for you.



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