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Nokia Lumia 510 or Nokia Lumia 610: Which Is The Better Budget Smartphone ?

By Simon Thomas on 21st February 2013

A quick glance at the Nokia Lumia 510 and the Nokia Lumia 610 may leave you none the wiser as to what the difference between the budget Windows smartphones is, or indeed which is best, so we're aiming to clear up that confusion with some direct comparisons.



Confusingly the Lumia 510 is not only newer than the Lumia 610, but actually in some ways better, which totally goes against the numbering that Nokia usually employ (where higher is better).


The display is the main thing working in the Lumia 510’s favour, as at 4 inches it is noticeably larger than the 3.7 inch Lumia 610, while both have a 480 x 800 resolution.



Based on the display you might expect the Nokia Lumia 510 to be the better phone, but the rest of the specs tell a different story. They both have a single core 800 MHz processor with 256 MB of RAM, which isn’t great but it’s about what you’d expect from an entry level smartphone.


Both handsets run Windows Phone 7.5 (though both should be upgradeable to 7.8), which is a bit out of date now, since most new handsets come with Windows Phone 8.


They also both have 5 megapixel cameras, a 1300 mAh battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1. The big difference is in the amount of storage each phone has, as while the Lumia 610 comes with 8 GB of built in storage, the Lumia 510 only comes with 4 GB. Neither handset has a micro SD card slot, so that’s all you get.



Most Nokia phones come with a fairly solid selection of apps and these two are no exception. Both of them come with Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive (a free sat-nav service), so you need never got lost again.  They also both come with standard Microsoft apps like ‘Office’ and ‘Music + Videos’. There’s little to choose on the apps front, but both have a decent amount considering they’re budget handsets.


Nokia Lumia 610


The Nokia Lumia 610 can be picked up pretty cheap, with prices starting at £13 a month on Three. The Nokia Lumia 510 on the other hand isn't actually out yet and there isn't any pricing information for it. If we were to guess, we’d say that it might be slightly cheaper than the Lumia 610, but retailers might use the bigger screen as a reason to bump the price up.



Even though the Nokia Lumia 510 has a bigger screen than the 610 it is definitely worse overall, thanks entirely to the ridiculously limiting 4 GB of storage that it comes with. When you consider that some of that will be used by the operating system you’re left with an almost pointlessly small amount, making the phone all but useless for apps and media. The Lumia 610 doesn't have a huge amount either, but it’s still double what the 510 has.


The only real thing the Lumia 510 might have going for it is the price, but we don’t know what that will be yet and it’s unlikely to be much cheaper than the Lumia 610.


Lumia 610 Deals

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