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iPhone 5S - What Do We Know About Apple's Next iPhone

By Simon Thomas on 19th February 2013

Apple's iPhone 5S is expected to be unveiled later this year before going to launch in the Summer. We've reported on various rumours on Apple's next iPhone over the last couple of months and we thought we'd bring them together in one place.


Everyone has their own ideas on how they would improve the iPhone 5, but ultimately only Apple can decide what they'll include in the iPhone 5S. So what information have we heard about Apple's next iPhone  ?


iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 ?


Amazingly, we're still not sure whether Apple's next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. We've previously heard it referred to under both names, but our instincts tell us it'll be known as the iPhone 5S.


iPhone 5S Retina Display


The iPhone 5S is expected to have a 4.8 inch Retina display which is 0.8 inches larger than the iPhone 5's 4 inch display featured on the iPhone 5. The new display is widely expected to run at a full HD resolution (1920*1080 pixels) , which is a truly mouth-watering prospect.


Additionally, the iPhone 5S's display is rumoured to feature new "touch-on" display technology which will replace the "in-cell" technology featured on the iPhone 5. The new "touch-on" display technology will ensure the iPhone 5S is super-thin, while removing the production problems associated with the iPhone 5's display.


iPhone 5S Processor , RAM and On-board memory


Apple's iPhone 5S is rumoured to have a quad-core A7 processor although at the current time we have no idea what clock speed it'll run at.  However, we have heard that the new iPhone will come with 2GB of RAM which puts it right up there with the best smartphones in the world.


Interestingly, leaked information suggests that Apple will launch a version of the iPhone 5S with 128GB of on-board memory. Previously, the maximum memory capacity has been 64GB, but Apple must think the time has come for an even bigger capacity model.


Apple iPhone 5S Fresh Colours ?

 Apple iPhone 5

Apple's iPhones have always been available in just two colours (Black & White)g. However, it looks like that could be about to change with the iPhone 5S which is expected to be available in a wider range of colours.


Rumours suggest that Apple's iPhone 5S will be available in between six and eight colours. This should silence Nokia who ran an advert criticizing Apple's boring iPhone colour options.


iPhone 5S Improved Camera and NFC Support


Apple are expected to include an improved camera in the iPhone 5S which is rumoured to be capable of taking "Super HD" pictures. In order to take snaps at that resolution it'll need to have at least a 13 mega-pixel camera !


The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticism aimed at Apple's smartphone. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5S could include support for the contact-less technology which can be used to pay for items in retail stores.


Apple iPhone 5S - When will it launch ?


The iPhone 5S is expected to launch in June according to the majority of rumours posted online. Apple are to be unveil the smartphone alongside a more affordable version of the iPhone, thought to be called the iPhone Mini.


As soon as 3G get any more news about the Apple iPhone 5S we'll let you know.


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