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3G Video Calling To Become As Popular As Text Messaging

15th December, 2004

Europe : Many years ago at CeBIT, there was a demonstration of transmitting video over eight GSM mobile lines. Why the demo? I asked. Because it will happen one day, said the enthusiastic technology expert on the stand. He was correct. Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile operator, launched its 3G mobile service with video in the UK and 12 other countries recently and targets to have 10 million users over the next 15 months.

The next frontier for video conferencing is 3G. One person to recognise the conferencing services potential of 3G is serial entrepreneur David Atkins ( inset above ), who set up All New Video (ANV) based near Newbury in 2002 to exploit the 3G opportunity. Previously he set up VideoWeb and sold it to Genesys Conferencing.

Mobile 3G capability has been limited to video phone to video phone calls so far. But that is about to change with the introduction of unique services supplied by All New Video (ANV) which is the first and only company to offer live multi-party 3G video calling, PC to video phonecalling, and video phone to legacy videoconference system connections.

David told us “The applications for this technology are endless and include: enterprise conferencing, security services (police, ambulance), video dating, chat rooms, and more. We have the capability to connect any 3G videophone to any PC with a broadband connection. We can also connect a 3G video phone to any legacy video conferencing system on ISDN and on IP if the firewall opens up.”

David explained: “The video call is made at 64K which is comparable in quality to a 128K ISDN call. On a small screen the results are impressive. It is also impressive when a 3G video phone call is viewed on a plasma screen with a Polycom ViewStation. This is what we are demonstrating to the UK press tomorrow.”

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