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Vodafone Australia 3G Core Data Network

2nd December, 2004

Australia : Lucent Technologies and Juniper Networks, Inc. announced that Vodafone will deploy an industry-leading data networking core solution that will be integrated with Vodafone's third-generation (3G) mobile network to bring mobile high-speed data services to customers in Australia.

Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) will design and implement the new IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching) solution using Juniper Networks M320 Multiservice Edge Platform to create a scaleable, secure and reliable IP/MPLS core that will carry Vodafone's 2G, 2.5G and 3G traffic between Brisbane and Melbourne via Sydney. Much of this traffic has traditionally been carried over lower speed ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) systems; the joint Lucent and Juniper Networks solution will enable Vodafone to consolidate this traffic onto a single IP/MPLS network that can reduce capital costs and increase bandwidth and service flexibility.

Following the deployment, LWS will provide ongoing maintenance and support services to help Vodafone continue to optimize its network. "Vodafone is committed to becoming a leading mobile multimedia company and our decision to enhance and expand our network enhancement by employing technology from Lucent and Juniper Networks will help us deliver on this promise to our customers," said Graeme Goss, Manager Technology Operations, Vodafone Australia. 'It will help us to provide customers with a superior mobile multimedia and wireless networking experience, while at the same time protecting our quality of service and ability to expand as our customer numbers continue to grow."

"As a leader in the deployment of data networking solutions for 3G mobile operators, Lucent is very pleased to support Vodafone as it strengthens its 3G offerings," said Paul Higgs, president LWS Asia/Pacific. "Leveraging our multivendor experience, vast network integration knowledge and experience and Bell Lab's tools and methodologies, we are helping Vodafone rapidly deploy secure and reliable next-generation services to Australia's mobile consumers."

The Juniper Networks M320 is a 320 gigabit-per-second multiservice edge routing platform that aggregates multiple services onto a single MPLS network. Running on the JUNOS operating system, the M320 features Juniper Networks Frame and ATM Service Emulation (J-FASE), which enable one of the industry's most complete ATM and frame relay emulation over an MPLS infrastructure. Vodafone will use the J-FASE technology to migrate existing services to the
consolidated IP/MPLS core network.
"The Juniper Networks M320 is an ideal platform for mobile operators to
deliver a range of new 3G services, while also reducing operating expenses
through multiservice consolidation," said Shaun Page, Regional Director,
Juniper Networks Australia and New Zealand. We're pleased to be selected for
this important deployment and look forward to working with our partner,
Lucent, and Vodafone to bring these exciting new applications to market."

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