LG G Flex International Rollout To Be Confirmed Tommorow


LG G Flex

Update: Orange in France have confirmed the LG G Flex is landing in February, could that also be when it lands in the UK?


Last week we brought you news that LG were planning to bring their curvy LG G Flex to the International market. Now the Korean company look set to confirm the International launch of the 'banana phone' at a press event in Hong Kong.


A Chinese website has received invitations to the LG G Flex launch event on December 3rd. At the event they are expected to announce that the smartphone is landing in the UK, Europe and the US. It's possible that it could even be available to buy later this month.


The Senior Vice-President of LG (Mobile Communication) signalled LG's intention to roll-out the G Flex Internationally at a press event in Korea last month.


He stated “We are now in discussions with global telecommunications firms. The curved smartphone is expected to be available in the U.S., Japanese, and European markets."


The LG G Flex has been available to buy in Korea since November 12th and is LG's first smartphone to feature a curved-flexible display. It costs the equivalent of £580 in Korea, which gives us an idea of how much the Android smartphone could cost in the UK.


Recently released videos have shown that the 6-inch monster truly flexes, and also demoed its clever self-healing coating which can repair scratches. It's curved design offers more immersive and comfortable viewing, and improves the quality of  audio calls.


Would you be interested in buying the LG G Flex if it becomes available? Let us know your thoughts below.


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By Simon Thomas on 02nd December, 2013

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