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Google Nexus 4 KitKat Update Causing Problems, What To Do If Affected?

By Simon Thomas on 02nd December 2013


Things arn't so sweet for Nexus 4 owners after all


Google Nexus 4 owners were delighted to hear that Android KitKat had become available for their device at the end of last month. However, since installing the update a larger number of Nexus 4 users have been plagued by a range of issues.


The problems only seem to affect those who updated their Nexus 4 to Android KitKat (4.4) over-the-air from Android 4.3. With those who installed the update manually using Google's Factory Images seemingly unaffected.


The problems


A wide variety of problems are being reported by Nexus 4 users who've updated to Android KitKat. Some of the most serious issues involve the home-button ceasing to function, the phone dialler not working anymore and the lock-screen getting stuck.


Other owners of Google's smartphone have reported terrible battery drain since updating, laggy keyboard performance and some users have even reported that their device is now shutting down of its own accord.


Not all users are affected by issues, but it's a real mess for Google - especially given that early updates to new Android platforms are often highlighted as major selling points of Nexus devices.


What to do if affected?


UPDATE: Google have now released two new updates for their Google Nexus devices. Firstly, Android 4.4.1 which was then followed a couple of days later by Android 4.4.2. You should receive notification for the update shortly and you can read more Android 4.2.2 update here.


Those seeking a more immediate fix are looking at performing a factory reset and installing the KitKat update again, either OTA or using Google's Factory Image. But the latter is only recommended for advanced users because it involves using fast boot mode with the bootloader unlocked.


Alternatively, you could choose to rollback to Android 4.3 and wait for Google to resolve the Nexus 4 KitKat problems. You can do so by downloading and installing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Factory Image, but again this is only recommended for advanced users.


Whatever you decide to do make sure you backup your files, apps and contacts prior to wiping your smartphone.


Are you plagued by problems after upgrading your Nexus 4 to Android KitKat? Let us know your problems and share any solutions you might have found with our readers below.

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