Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases 2014


Best Galaxy S4 Cases

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is a stunning smartphone that continues to sell in huge numbers. But it's not the most durable smartphone in the world and is pretty susceptible to damage if dropped. Therefore, it might be a good idea to invest in a Galaxy S4 case and there is a wide range available.


We have picked out a selection of our favourite Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for you to checkout. You should find something in our to list to suit your needs whether you are looking for something affordable, maximum protection, or even a touch of luxury.


Anyway, on with our list of our favourite Samsung Galaxy S4 cases.


Samsung's Own Offering

Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Case

Those looking for a bespoke case tailored perfectly to the Galaxy S4 should look no further than Samsung's Galaxy S4 S View Cover.  The case has a 'transparent window' that enables you to view notifications, the clock and even answer calls without having to flip open the case.


The microphone and speaker are also exposed and answering calls is achieved by swiping the exposed area. When you do finally open the case your Galaxy S4 will automatically turn itself on. A wide range of colours are available and they all offer protection for the whole of smartphone including the all-important display.


Installing the case is simple with the back of the case actually replacing the existing Galaxy S4 rear-cover. They retail on Samsung's own website for £40, but fear not because you can pick them up for half that price from other retailers.


Barely There

 Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Mate

One of the major things that puts people off buying a case for their smartphone is the added weight and bulk they brings with them. That's where Case-Mate's Barely There range comes in because they offer protection for the Galaxy S4 and are ultra-slim and lightweight.


Their impact resistant cases are engineered to fit the Galaxy S4 precisely covering the corners and rear, and you still get access to all of the smartphones ports and functions. There are a wide range of colours available and you really can't go wrong with Case-Mate's products.

Beautifully Tough

Slim Armour View

The Spigen SGP Slim Armor View Case is probably our favorite Galaxy S4 case because it brings together all of things we want from a case. The design is beautiful and, just like Samsung's official case, you still get access to notifications window enabling you to access the phones function without flipping open the case.


It's available in either 'Smooth Black' or 'Infinity White' and both are made from a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for protection from drops and scratches. It also incorporates Advanced Shock Absorption Technology for good measure.  And the slimline case has been moulded perfectly for the Galaxy S4.


As you'd expect when you open the flip-case your smartphone will automatically turn-on and then sleep again when the case is closed. The bad things? Well they've spelt armour the American way and it's pretty pricey at £34.99 - but we think it's worth every penny.

  • Available in White or Black from Amazon for £34.99


It's A Premium Business

 Noreve Tradition B Flip Case For Galaxy S4

The French designer Noreve are renowned for making cases of the highest quality and their Noreve Tradition B Flip Case is no different. It's the perfect case for those looking for a bit of luxury and it's been designed with busy executives in mind - check the slots for business/credit cards.

It's made from genuine leather, crafted entirely by hand and its beautiful interior lining is embossed with the Noreve logo. If the card slots weren't enough you'll might be interested to hear that it has an interior pocket for documents. And now things get really good because it has a leather stand on the back enabling you to use the smartphone horizontally.

Subtle, refined and practical the Noreve Tradition B Flip Case is another great case that's available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sadly, premium products come with a premium price so you'll have to splash out a fair chunk of dosh to get your hands on Noreve's case.


How about a pouch?

 Samsung Galaxy S4 MediaDevil Pouch

Pouches are generally less hassle to install and also protect the smartphone better than standard cases. One of the best pouch-style cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the MediaDevil leather case. It's made from genuine European leather and is fully hand-crafted.


There are a wide range of finishes available and you can even choose between different colour stitching. You don't need to worry about struggling to remove the Galaxy S4 because the pouch comes with a clever pull tablet to remove it quickly and easily.

So there you have it our favourite cases for Galaxy S4. Which is your favourite? Tell us your thoughts below.

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By Simon Thomas on 05th December, 2013

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