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Gloss White Nokia N9 Now On Sale !

By Simon Thomas on 13th December 2011

Earlier in the month we reported that the Nokia N9 would be coming in White and its now been released.


The new "Gloss White" version is available to buy from Nokia for 560 Euros (£470) and has arrived just in time for Christmas. The colour has gone through a special process to make it shine , which gives it a stunning look !


All of the other Nokia N9 colours come in a matte finish, so the White version offers a more glamorous alternative. However, the other colours (Black, Cyan and Magenta) are still very appealing !


The Nokia N9 is a great smartphone that sadly launched at the wrong time, because just as it launched Nokia announced they'd be scrapping their own operating systems in favour of Windows. Unfortunately, that meant no UK operators stocked the device.


A quick look at the specification shows you that its a great mobile. The Nokia N9 has a 3.9 inch touch-screen, 1Ghz processor, 8 mega-pixel camera and 64GB of on-board memory. The N9 runs on the MeeGo operating system, which showed great potential but has now been canned.


3G really wishes a UK operator would stock the mobile , but we don't think thats possible even with the release of the stunning White version.




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