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NEC Phones for China

25th August ,2004

ASIA : NEC Corporation announced that NECTelecommunications (China), a new company and a business entity established in May 2004 is to actively pursue mobile solution business in China, introduced a new branding strategy “Get Personal” (Chinese-English translation) to further expand its mobile business in China. Along with the campaign, NEC reveals its new strategy to enter into the mid-low range product market segment to appeal to a wider range of consumers in China.

Inset above shows the NEC N100 oneof the phones discussed below.

The three N10X series of products with seven color variations, which are also being announced today, are one of the key products for the new strategy.

““Get Personal” is a new branding platform to help NEC increase its awareness in the telecom arena and build brand loyalty in China. We are aiming to position the company as the most creative, leading mobile solutions company in China within 3 years. More than 20 varieties of mobile terminals will be introduced in China this year. This new branding strategy will be a dynamic step towards strengthening NEC’s presence in the Chinese mobile market.” said Brian Lu, President of NEC Telecommunications (China).

“Our latest challenge regarding current brand perception is to create a unique, human and user-friendly image, showing NEC‘s deeper level of communication with consumers by defining ourselves as a “people company,” which proactively reaches out to customers to gain knowledge about their needs in China. Then, customers can acquire not only the latest state-of-the-art technology but also a mobile phone that suits their own taste.” said Wang Shanqi, Vice President and marketing director at NEC Telecommunications (China).

The new models introduced today are “N109”, “N100” and “N110”. They target a wider range of people, from business to individuals, with friendly, simple and stylish designs. They are equipped with 300,000 pixels digital camera with various camera functions, 2.0 inch color large TFT screen
with 65,000 colors, 40 polyphonic ring tones and also support JAVA.

"China is one of NEC's most important markets where NEC can demonstrate its full competence in mobile internet and 3G. Now President Lu has come on board he is actively expanding businesses with his market know-how in branding product planning/marketing and retailing. NEC expects further strong initiatives by NEC Telecommunications (China) will help create the market and aid NEC in obtaining a leading position there.” said Susumu
Otani, Associate Senior Vice President and head of NEC’s mobile terminals business unit.

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