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Industry's Smallest Low-Power Infrared Transceiver for 3G Phones

24th August ,2004

Europe : Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the industry's smallest, low-power SIR (serial infrared) transceiver. The transceiver is encased in a miniature package only 1.6 mm high, which is ideal for slim portable devices such as 2.5G and 3G mobile phones, PDAs, e-wallets, smart phones and portable printers. It operates from supply voltages as low as 2.4 V and can interface to input/output logic circuits with logic-high levels down to 1.5 V. The infrared transceiver's low-power operation and small size help reduce cost and board space.

The HSDL-3209 infrared transceiver, from Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group, features an extended link distance up to 50 cm and is ideally suited for secure IrFM (infrared financial messaging) wireless point-and-pay applications, which are becoming popular in Japan and Korea. IrFM point-and-pay enables users to perform wireless financial transactions between a mobile device and either a point-of-sale terminal or an ATM, kiosk and vending machine equipped with an infrared port.

"Our miniature, low-power infrared transceiver sets the industry benchmark for size, low power and high-performance operation," said Kee Hane Ngoh, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Infrared Products Division. "This product introduction maintains our infrared technology and market leadership."

The Agilent HSDL-3209 transceiver supports the IrDA (Infrared Data Association) 1.4 low-power specification and operates at transmission speeds ranging from 9.6 kb/s to 115 kb/s. Its 1.5 V logic interface allows the transceiver to work with low-power microprocessor chipsets and ASICs that operate at 1.5 V or greater signal levels without the need for logic-level shifter circuits, and in mobile products operating from a single lithium-ion cell.

In addition to the HSDL-3209's small size and low-voltage operation, the transceiver's design for extended link distance also means that it provides the optical power and receive sensitivity to overcome the attenuation of cosmetic windows, permitting sleeker, more attractive handheld device designs. The new transceiver module is IEC 825-1 Class 1 eye safe, and offers guaranteed performance over the -25 to +70 C temperature range.

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