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All Three phones now come unlocked

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd April 2014

Unlock Three Phone

Three mobile phones now come unlocked and older ones can be unlocked for Free.


Three have recently launched a range of new mobile phone plans that come with free 0800 calls. To mark the launch of the new plans they also introduced a collection of comedy 0800 numbers for people to call, such as the Sympathy Service and the Singing Dictionary.


However, that's not the only interesting change that's taken place because all phones sold on Three now come unlocked, rather being locked to Three's network. Those who've got an older Three phone don't miss out either, because they can pop into their local 3 store to get their phone unlocked for free.


That's great news for consumers because it means you can pop in a pre-paid SIM-card when abroad to avoid hefty charges. At the end of your contract you'll also be free to switch to any operator you like, so you'll be able to get the best deal possible.


Unlocked phones are also easier to sell and often command a higher price than those locked to specific operators. They also make it possible for friends and family to use your phone when their battery has run low.


Three's decision to ship its phones unlocked is good for consumers and something we hope the other operators will consider in the future.


Consumer Kings


Three are quickly becoming a favourite in the eyes of consumers by offering 4G at no extra cost, free 0800 calls and promising no mid-contract prise rises. While, Three's 'Feel At Home' service enables customers to use their call and data allowance abroad in 11 countries (including the US).


They are also the only operator in the UK offering unlimited 4G data and remain the network of choice for those who love internetting. Three stock all latest mobile phones and tablets which are available on some great value plans.


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