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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets run-over by an SUV

By Kevin Thomas on 09th April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 survives being run-over by SUV


Galaxy S5 gets run-over by an SUV, but how does it look after?


Each new smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, undergoes design and reliability testing to prove its durability. In the case of the Galaxy S5 that includes water and dustproof testing to comply with its IP67 rating.


In addition, Samsung will have done thousands of simulated drop tests in a purpose built test chamber during the design phase of the project, but you can never beat an end user drop test.


So, TechSmart decided to undertake a series of drop tests for the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 to see which would fare best. The drop tests of both smartphones involved drops from pocket, ear and head height.


A final drop test from ten feet was undertaken to really put the smartphones to the test and do some real damage. Both smartphones do extremely well, despite the fact that they are both made of plastic.


The final showdown involves the same Galaxy S5 being run over by the front and rear wheels of an SUV. Checkout how well the Galaxy S5 survives in the video below.


Anyone thinking of buying the Galaxy S5 when it launches this Friday can rest assured they have a strong and very durable smartphone.



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