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Samsung Galaxy S4 – The S Translator Demo

By Kevin Thomas on 19th April 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can be pre-ordered now or will be ready to buy on-line or in store on 28th April and we are making final preparations for our Samsung Galaxy S4 Review, so head back soon to find out what we really think about the Galaxy S4.


In preparation for our Galaxy S4 review we recently posted articles and videos covering the Samsung Galaxy S4 – Dual Camera Demo, the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Air Gesture and Air View Demo and the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Smart Pause and Smart Scroll Demo. Just to complete the series we now look at the S Translator which is something a lot of potential buyers may not realise comes as standard on the Galaxy S4.


S Translator translates English phrases into a number of foreign languages such as French, Italian or Chinese as seen in the video below or play the translation to someone near you. You can also translate an incoming text in another language and text back in the sender’s language.


This is very neat feature of the Galaxy S4 and its always nice to see a demo.



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