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Nokia Lumia Smartphones for Business - A closer look

By Kevin Thomas on 07th April 2013

The Nokia Lumia range of handsets are great for personal use, with a range of bright distinctive colours, strong camera performance to help you capture important moments and tightly integrated social networking so that you never need to be out of touch with your friends or family.



But while few would probably argue that it’s not a good range of smartphones for personal use, most people still tend to stick to using iPhone’s and Blackberry’s for business. That could be a mistake, as while the Nokia Lumia range isn’t generally seen as business friendly (possibly because of the bright colours and great camera that make them so appealing for general users) it actually has a lot of business clout.



EE have realised this and released a video ( below ) highlighting its business minded features. Now it’s easy to dismiss such a video as just a ploy to push up sales by advertising it to a new segment of the market, because that’s exactly what they’re doing, but they also successfully highlight some often overlooked features of the Lumia range, in particular the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 - since they’re the two that EE sell.




The biggest thing that makes Lumia handsets great for business is that they’re backed by Microsoft, which means that you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint and Linq all installed on your phone. These aren’t quite the full desktop versions of the programs, but they’re still fairly powerful and feature rich, allowing you to easily work, share and collaborate on the move. You might balk at the thought of preparing a presentation on a touch screen - let alone one so small, but being able to read, edit and share documents and spreadsheets from a train or coffee shop has the potential to be very useful.



Lumia handsets also have some solid security features, such as secure boot, hardware accelerated encryption, malware prevention, information rights protection and device management. And with the built in ‘Nokia Drive’ sat-nav you’ll never be late for another meeting think 3G.


It’s worth noting that none of this is totally unique to Lumia handsets. While EE are focusing on Lumia all Windows Phone 8 handsets come with a suite of Microsoft software, so a Nokia Lumia isn’t your only option. Equally other document and spreadsheet apps, sharing tools and security features are available for iPhone and Android handsets, but they’re not always included out of the box, leading to a longer setup time. Plus it’s nice to have official Microsoft things, particularly if your business uses those same Microsoft applications already - as everything on your Lumia will be instantly compatible.



Finally of course EE point out that getting a 4G Lumia handset on 4GEE will allow you to share, backup and sync work fast, no matter where you are - which for the time being arguably makes EE the business network of choice.


There are a range of Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia handsets available to buy, from the entry level Lumia 620, through the mid-range Lumia 720 and Lumia 820 up to the flagship Lumia 920 and all of them have the features that business users need, though only the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are currently available on EE.


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