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Google Glass - Everything You Need To Know

By Simon Thomas on 16th April 2013

What is Google Glass ? What is  the specification of Google Glass. What are the major features and what concerns do we have ?


Google first announced their Google Glasses back in April last year and have had a dedicated team working on the Project Glasses ever since. Now the tech giant has begun beta testing the new augmented reality glasses in the US , as well as releasing the specification and features of Google Glass.


Our easy to read guide gives you all the information you need to know about Google Glass !


What is Google Glass ?


Google Glass is the very latest step in wearable computing technology. Essentially, they are a pair of glasses with a heads-up display that you can control with your voice.


When wearing the glasses you can add extra information to your everyday life , which is known as "Augmented Reality". For example, directions to a nearby cafe would appear right in front of your eyes through Google Glass.


Google Glass also enables you to capture everyday moments and share them with your favourite social networks without having to use your hands, It's all very science fiction and it'll be interesting to see if the world is ready for Google's new technology !


Google Glass Specification


Google Glass has a prism display which delivers a viewing experience equivalent to a 25 inch HD display (viewed from eight foot away). Sensibly, the display sits slightly above your eye-line ensuring it doesn't obstruct your view !


Users control Google Glass using their voice, while sound is delivered though a bone conduction transducer. This sends vibrations to your skull enabling you to hear sounds and even though this sounds scary , it's perfectly safe.


Google Glasses


The glasses themselves are strong and lightweight and you'll able to interchange the lenses to suit your environment. Anyone who needs glasses can get their frames fitted, while others might want to include tinted sunglass lenses.


Google Glass has a 5 mega-pixel camera capable of recording 720p video and comes with 16GB of on-board for storing files. Google are claiming that you'll get a full day of battery life from glasses which are charged using a microSD cable.


Google Glass is currently in beta testing , although sadly applications are now closed . They are expected to launch to the public in 2014 , but at the current time we don't have an exact launch date or price.


Google Glass - Features


  • Video Recording & Live Sharing

Google Glass enables you to record 720p HD video , while keeping your hands totally free.  This means you can record things you wouldn't be able to normally, such as extreme sports.. Additionally, you can stream live content to the web using Google Glass using WiFi.


  • Snapping & Sharing

Still photographs can also be taken using voice-commands , which can then be automatically shared to your favourite social network. We presume Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram will all be supported !


  • Navigation & Augmented Reality

Google Glass can also be used to display directions , which overlay the real environment. However, you will need to connect the glasses to Android smartphone using the "MyGlass" app to use your mobiles GPS.


Google Glass can also automatically display augmented reality information without prompts, such as alerting you to flight times when in the airport or pointing out nearby landmarks.


  • Voice Search & Translation

With Google Glass you'll be able to search the web by voice with results displayed instantly on the devices display, Furthermore, you can translate your voice in real-time enabling you to communicate effectively in foreign countries.


Google Glass - Our Concerns


Privacy is a major concern with Google Glass because it'll enable users to record video discreetly in any place. Infact, a number of American retailers have already banned Google Glass from their venues , even before they've become available to buy.


We're also worried about how easy they'll be to steal , because presumably they'll slide straight off your head and will be easy to spot. When they initially launch we expect this will become a major problem, similar to the problem affecting Apple's iPod caused by their unique  white ear-phones.


Our other major concern is whether people will be happy to wear them, especially given how fashion conscious people are. We also wonder whether they provide enough value to justify using them over your smartphone.

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