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4G TV Interference - The Darker Side Of 4G

By Simon Thomas on 23rd April 2013

There is one major problem with the launch of 4G networks in the UK, but what is it ?

EE's 4G service is now available in 50 towns and cities in the UK with the operator recently doubling the speeds of their service in 10 of those places. While, the UK's other operators will have their 4G networks up and running by the end of this year.


4G networks deliver speeds up to 5 times faster than a standard 3G connection. This makes it possible to stream HD content on the move without any buffering and delivers much faster web-browsing. However, 4G has a darker side !


Very early on it was recognised that 4G networks would interfere with digital TV signals across the UK. Infact, back in July the government ordered the operators to setup a scheme to provide free assistance to people whose TV signals would be affected by the roll-out of 4G.


A new test is being conducted in London to determine the effect 4G will have on digital television signals in the area. 170.000 households in the area will be sent free aerial filters (pictured above) to find out whether they resolve any interference caused by 800 MHz 4G networks.


The tests are being conducted by who have been setup solely to ensure TV signals arn't negatively affected by 4G LTE. They've been given £180 million funded by the  operators to achieve their goal.


Generally, any interference can be resolved by using a filter on the TV aerial. However, in some extreme cases additional support may be necessary, which could include fitting a filter to the aerial itself or improving cabling.


As soon as the results of the test are known we'll bring you the results. Until then anyone affected by bad digital signal caused by 4G networks should contact their local council office or for assistance.


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