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Siemens Deploys 2.5G Wireless Data Platform Using Wind River's - Integrated Embedded Technology
Monday 4th February 2002

Wind River Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software and services for
connected smart devices, awarded Siemens, its "Cool Customer Design" award for
the design of the Siemens mobile network GGSN @dvantage CPG-3000, an IP-based
service processing card integrating Wind River's TCP/IP stack. Identical IP
service cards are used for the mobile network SGSN @dvantage CPX-5000, as well
as fixed network IP solutions. To view previous Cool Customer Design winners,
please visit www.windriver.com/products/html/cool_customer.html .

"Siemens chose Wind River technology in the design of its Carrier-class server
cards because Wind River offers a core development platform that provides all of
the basic services required to build sophisticated routing and switching
systems," said Ekkehard Pott, vice president of Siemens Mobile Core Networks.
"In order to get our product to market ahead of the competition and at a lower
cost, we needed a strong, robust off-the-shelf solution that would allow us to
be up and running quickly and easily. With Wind River's proven technology we
were able to concentrate on our core expertise and bring an innovative product
to market."

Siemens used a variety of Wind River's products to create this IP server card
including the VxWorks(R) 5.4 real-time operating system, (RTOS), the new
WindNet(TM) Router Stack, and the WindNet SNMP agent for device management andremote configuration. The GGSN @dvantage CPG-3000 and SGSN @dvantage CPX-5000 are currently being used in high bandwidth environments found in applications
run by wireless and fixed network providers. Both types of networks place heavy
performance demands on the software powering the application, making these
Siemens' products a critical element in the carrier network infrastructure.

Several factors including the ability to reliably operate in a high bandwidth
environment led Siemens to choose Wind River's commercial-off-the-shelf solution
in the development of the GGSN @dvantage CPG-3000 and SGSN @dvantage CPX-5000.
Among these factors are strong customer support and the accelerated time to
market advantage Siemens found in developing these server cards from a
completely integrated set of embedded technologies from Wind River. Thanks to
the success of Wind River's technology in the current generation of the GGSN
@dvantage CPG-3000 and SGSN @dvantage CPX-5000, Siemens will be incorporating
additional WindNet networking technologies in the next version of its IP server

"Wind River's goal is to provide high-quality products and services that help
our customers bring sophisticated networking equipment to market easily and on
time," said Dave Fraser, group vice president and general manager of Wind
River's Networks and Digital Consumer business unit. "We do so by providing our
customers with an integrated operating platform, advanced embedded networking
technologies, and state of the art development tools. We perform the fundamental
technology integration and leave the market differentiation and innovation to
customers like Siemens."










Siemens Deploys 2.5G Wireless Data Platform Using Wind River's - Integrated Embedded Technology