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LG G3 Stylus - Review Photo 1

LG G3 Stylus Review: First Impressions

27th August, 2014

A version of the LG G3 with a stylus sounds great in theory, but just

LG G3 Black

LG G3 Review

9th June, 2014

The LG G3 smartphone has a large 5.5in display and a huge Quad-HD

LG G Flex review

LG G Flex Review by 3G.co.uk

14th February, 2014

The LG G Flex is a powerful, eye catching phone, with great battery

LG Optimus L3 II Photo

LG Optimus L3 II Review

30th June, 2013

Unfortunately, the Optimus L3 II has had too many features taken

LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 Review

6th December, 2012

The LG Nexus 4 offers an affordable way to enjoy the latest games and

LG Optimus L7

LG Optimus L7 Review By 3G.co.uk

20th May, 2012

The LG Optimus L7 is a very usable, nicely designed handset.

LG Optimus Net

LG Optimus Net Review By 3G.co.uk

19th March, 2012

The LG Optimus Net is a neat-sized Android device at a budget price.

LG Optimus 3D Review by 3G.co.uk

LG Optimus 3D Review

16th June, 2011

The LG Optimus 3D certainly has the wow factor, but ...

LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X Review

7th March, 2011

It’s a powerful handset with some of the best video recording

LG Optimus One Review by 3G.co.uk

LG Optimus One Review

7th December, 2010

LG has succeeded in jamming in a host of smartphone features.

LG G Watch Photo 1

LG G Watch Review

17th August, 2014

The LG G Watch is the latest entrance to the smartwatch arena and it

LG G Pro 2 Review Photo 2

LG G Pro 2 Hands-On Review

27th April, 2014

We get our hands-on with the LG G Pro 2. But how does it compare to

LG G2 Black

LG G2 Review

8th September, 2013

The LG G2 is a remarkable phone with very few missteps. Sure it would

LG Optimus L5 II

LG Optimus L5 II Review

29th May, 2013

LG has done a good job of bringing the original L5 up to date, with

LG Optimus 4X HD

LG Optimus 4X HD Review By 3G.co.uk

5th July, 2012

The LG Optimus 4X HD features a sharp, bright 4.7in feature, and the

LG Optimus L3

LG Optimus L3 Review

25th April, 2012

The LG Optimus L3 is a neatly designed, well-priced phone, that is

Prada Phone By LG 3.0

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 Review

28th February, 2012

The Prada Phone by LG 3.0 is nicely designed, well built, looks good

LG Optimus Black

LG Optimus Black review

30th May, 2011

At this price we had hoped for a smoother user experience, but we did

LG Optimus 7 Review by 3G.co.uk

LG Optimus 7 Review by 3G.co.uk

17th December, 2010

Excellent for web browsing and emailing and its touch-screen is truly

LG Viewty GT

LG Viewty GT Review

1st November, 2010

If you want a touchscreen handset but your wallet and your pocket are

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