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BlackBerry Classic Photo 1

BlackBerry Classic specs and pictures emerge

15th October, 2014

BlackBerry’s long awaited QWERTY has been snapped and we’ve even

BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9982

BlackBerry announces the luxurious Porsche Design P’9983

24th September, 2014

The Porsche Design P’9983 is one of the most premium BlackBerry

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport - What you need to know about BlackBerry's new smartphone

25th July, 2014

The BlackBerry Passport could be one of BlackBerry’s most

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BlackBerry Passport Review - Photo 1

BlackBerry Passport Review

9th October, 2014

The BlackBerry Passport has a good design, but it's not quite the

BlackBerry Z30 Front and Side

BlackBerry Z30 Review

29th October, 2013

With Android app support and some handy upgrades to the OS, the Z30

BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry Q5 Review

1st July, 2013

The BlackBerry Q5 is cheaper than the BlackBerry Q10 if you’re

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Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10 Coming To Three

1st February, 2013

The Blackberry Z10 is coming to Three where it'll be available on

Blackberry Logo

Blackberry Guide - How To Transfer Your Contacts

14th January, 2013

Three have issued a video guide showing Blackberry users how to

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BlackBerry A10

BlackBerry A10 Photos , Hands-On Video and Specs Leaked

25th July, 2013

The BlackBerry A10 will have a 5 inch touch-screen and a next-gen

BlackBerry A10

BlackBerry A10 Leaked : Largest, Most Powerful BlackBerry Ever

12th July, 2013

The BlackBerry A10 will be the biggest BlackBerry smartphone ever

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Research In Motion (RIM) became a household name through its BlackBerry smartphones, a range of 3G mobile phones that are designed to be used as personal digital assistants. The BlackBerry phone’s distinctive feature is the physical keyboard, although some handsets use touchscreen controls either as well as or instead of the keyboard.


You can send and receive push email using 3G, instant message contacts using BlackBerry messenger (BBM), and also download apps through the BlackBerry Store. The BlackBerry store may lack the sheer volume of Apple’s App Store and the Google Play market, but still boasts plenty of excellent apps to make the most of your 3G mobile phone. See our phone news, insider news, video news and phone reviews for the full low-down.

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