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Three 4G

Three 4G

Enjoy superfast 4G speeds at no extra cost on the UK's most reliable network according to the latest YouGov survey.

There are a wide range of great value 4G plans and devices to choose from on Three, including all-you-can-eat data plans with free roaming abroad in 18 countries.

4G devices and plans

Three offer both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans on the latest mobile phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices.

Browse all the latest 4G devices and plans by choosing a product category below:

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What's so great about Three 4G?

Three have ripped up the rule book and shook up the mobile world by changing things that suck and plans come with:

Superfast 4G speeds Tethering included
4G at no extra cost Widespread 4G Coverage

Free roaming abroad

All-you-can-eat data plans

Most reliable network

Host of other extras included

Superfast speeds on the most reliable network

Three's network is fully optimised for 4G delivering download speeds up to 5 times faster than 3G. That means you can download the latest One Direction track in just 3 seconds, stream HD videos on Youtube without buffering and upload your latest selfies to Facebook in the blink of an eye.

The network has also been voted "The most reliable network for calls, texts and data" in the latest survey by YouGov.

4G at no extra cost - Yep, it's free!

One of the biggest selling points of 4G on Three is that it comes at no extra cost, which is to say that all plans include 4G data, all you need is a 4G-ready device (which most recent phones now are) and to be in an area with 4G coverage.

If you don’t want 4G or are unable to make use of it you’re not paying for something you won’t use, as Three’s prices haven’t got any more expensive to accommodate 4G and it means that in future if your circumstances change you’ll be set up to enjoy the fastest mobile data speeds available.

Free Roaming Abroad with Feel At Home

Feel At Home is a huge bonus. It’s a service which allows Three's customers to use their data, minutes and texts abroad at no extra cost, which could save you a small fortune given how high roaming charges often are.

It’s available in a lot of places too- 18 to be precise, including much of Europe as well as more distant destinations. The list in full is: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

That list is only going to grow over time, making it an even more impressive extra, though be aware that you only currently get 3G speeds when using Feel At Home.

Unlimited 4G data - Browse to your hearts content!

As well as offering 4G at no extra cost Three also offers unlimited 4G data and is the only major UK network to do so. Unlimited data is available on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go phones, along with SIM Only plans for phones.

Share your data with other devices with Tethering

Users on any of Three's new or recent (July 2014 and onwards) Pay Monthly and SIM Only plans can use all of their 4G data towards tethering, so you can use a single connection to share internet with other WiFi devices such as laptops and tablets.

The only exception is if you’re on a tariff with unlimited data, in which case as a Pay Monthly customer you’ll be able to use 12GB of your data towards tethering per month. Tethering isn't currently included on Pay As You Go plans.

A host of other extras

As well as Feel At Home there are various other extras on Three including:

  • Free 0800 Calls
  • Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground
  • Wi-Fi calling with Three InTouch app. No more signal worries

Widespread Coverage

Three's network currently covers 98% of the UK population with 63% currently able to access 4G. If you live in a large town or city you’re likely to have coverage and the actual figure is improving all the time.

You can use Three’s coverage checker to see whether there’s 4G where you live, but major cities like London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Brighton all have 4g coverage as well as many smaller locations.

Plus if you don’t have coverage yet you likely will soon, as Three is continuing its 4G rollout at a rapid rate.

Frequently asked questions

We've put together a list of questions user often ask about Three 4G.

How do I get Three 4G?

Getting 4G on Three is easy, as all the network's plans include 4G at no extra cost just take out a Three Pay Monthly or SIM Only contract or grab a pay as you go SIM card or a mobile broadband data SIM and you’ll be able to enjoy 4G speeds within whatever data allowance your contract allows for.

The only other factors to consider are whether your phone supports 4G speeds, which most now do, but you can head to the manufacturer page to check, and that you’re in a 4G location, which we’ve covered above but which you can check by heading to Three’s coverage page, or just keep an eye out for a ‘4G’ symbol when your SIM card is in.

What does the future hold?

As well as continuing its 4G rollout and bringing free roaming to more places Three has also launched a VoLTE service, dubbed 4G Super-Voice, so customers with supported handsets can make and receive calls over 4G. This provides better audio quality than calling over 2G or 3G and also makes it possible to use your phone for calls in more places. 

Plus Three’s parent company is in the process of acquiring O2, which could lead to big changes and a massive coverage boost for the network in the near future.

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