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3 Mobile Phone Deals

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Checkout our best phone deals below, including Pay Monthly contracts and Pay As You Go phones.

 Contract Phone Deals

Get a great deal with a Pay monthly contract, including free phones from just £9 a month.

iPhone 6S Deal of the week - No upfront cost

Samsung Galaxy J1 - Free on Three LG Spirit 4G - Free on Three
Honor 7 Deal - Free on Three iPhone 5S Deal

Free phones from £9 a month

Samsung Galaxy J1 - Free from £10 a month Lumia 550 - Free from £10 a month Moto G 3rd Gen - Free from £13 a month Samsung Galaxy A3 - Free from £17 a month

Acer Go Black

Free from £9

Microsoft Lumia 550

Free from £10

Moto G 3rd Gen

Free from £13

Samsung Galaxy A3

Free from £17

Pay Monthly Phones

 Pay As You Go Phones

All our Pay As You Go phones come unlocked and with low rates of just 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB.

PAYG deal - Samsung Utopia PAYG Deal - Moto G 3rd Gen
View all Pay As You Go Phones

SIM Only Deals on Three

 Frequently asked questions

Why Choose a Pay Monthly Contract?

Pay monthly phone contracts incur a fixed monthly fee for a set period of time. The advantage of taking out a pay monthly contract is that you don't have to pay as much upfront for a new smartphone - infact you'll often get the phone itself free. All contracts come with a bundle of inclusive minutes, data and texts to use per month. Most modern contracts are taken out over 2 years after which you are free to switch to a SIM Only deal to save money or upgrade to a new smartphone.

Reasons you'll love our Pay Monthly plans:

Free 0800 Calls on all plans

Tethering included  

4G at no extra cost

Truly unlimited data

Free roaming abroad

Unlimited texts on all plans

All phones now come unlocked

Most reliable network

Did you know? We also have a range of refurbished phones, including refurbished iPhones which enable you to save even more. They are all reconditioned to new and come with a full 12 month warranty.

Why Choose a Pay As You Go Plan?

Pay As You Go has been around for a very long time , but it's come a long way since its inception. You can pickup Pay As You Go deals that offer great value and you arn't locked to a lengthy mobile contract and enjoy low rates that don't expire 3p per min, 2p per text and 1p per mb of internet.

Reasons you'll love our Pay As You Go plans:

4G at no extra cost All phones come unlocked
Free roaming abroad Low Pay As You Go rates
All phones now come unlocked Most reliable network

This makes them perfect for those looking for a short term contract , as well as for those who want to control their spending - such as parents buying mobiles for their children.  The major downside of Pay As You Go contracts is that you have to pay for the smartphone upfront.

Do you offer 3G phones and 4G Phones?

Yes, we offer a full range of the latest 3G and 4G phones including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia smartphones. All 4G Ready phones come with 4G at no extra cost and should you find yourself in area without 4G coverage then fear not because you'll still be able to enjoy our Ultrafast 3G network.

What if I'm an existing customer?

If you are already on Three can choose to upgrade to a shiny new smartphone and keep your existing number. You may be eligible for a discount when upgrading and existing customers are also eligible for discounts on second devices (such as a 2nd phone, a tablet or mobile broadband device) as a reward for being a loyal customer.

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