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3G Mobile Phone Deals - 3G

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Mobile Phone Deals

Checkout our best phone deals below, including both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go 3G and 4G phones.

iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus

Mobile Phone deals on Three come with:

Free 0800 calls Tethering included
4G at no extra cost No Pay Monthly price rises

Use phone abroad at no extra cost

Low Pay As You Go rates

No Pay Monthly price hikes

Keep your existing number

Pay Monthly Mobile Phone Deals

Our best value handsets 

Acer Go - Just £9 a month Samsung Galaxy J1 - Just £10 a month
 Moto G 3rd Gen - Just £13 a month  Samsung Galaxy A3 - Just £17 a month

Great deals on the latest smartphones

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - From £24 a month LG G4 Deals
HTC Desire 620 Deal iPhone 6 Plus Deals

View all Pay Monthly Phones

Pay As You Go Mobile Phone Deals

Samsung Utopia Pay As You Go Nokia Lumia 535 Pay As You Go
Pay As You Go Deals

SIM Deals on Three

Delivery policy.

All phones, tablets and MiFI orders placed before 4pm will be delivered the next working day. All orders placed after 4pm will be delivered in two working days. Dongles & SIMs will be delivered within 1-2 working days.

Returns policy.

Items can be returned within 14 days of the purchase date provided they havn't been used  or are in "new" condition. Even if you've lost or misplaced the original packing you may still be able to return your device. However, you may be be charged for damage or missing items.

Modern Phones

Modern phones, called smartphones, have become so powerful that you can now do many of the tasks which used to be reserved for desktop PCs.

Browsing on modern phones is fast, smooth and easy, while you can also stream videos, watch live TV and visit your favourite social networks. Smartphones have also become excellent gaming devices - arguable rivalling the likes of Sony's PSP and Nintendo's 3DS.

Mobile phone displays keep on improving - with the most recent smartphones featuring full 1080p (1920 * 1080 pixel) touch-screens. Durability keeps on improving as well with many recent devices being water-proof and dust resistant , which is a trend that looks set to continue.

Pay Monthly Phone Deals

Pay monthly phone contracts incur a fixed monthly fee for a set period of time. The advantage of taking out a pay monthly contract is that often you don't have to pay a huge amount for the smartphone upfront. You also get a better deal with all contracts coming with inclusive minutes, data and texts. Most modern contracts are taken out over 2 years - which is where the mobile operators offer their best deals.

The major disadvantage of choosing a mobile contract is that you can't upgrade your smartphone until towards the end of your contract. Many people like to upgrade their smartphone frequently and they may be better suited by a SIM-only deal - which is available in shorter contract lengths.

Pay As You Go Phone Deals

Pay As You Go has been around for a very long time , but it's come a long way since its inception. You can pickup Pay As You Go deals that offer great value and you arn't locked to a lengthy mobile contract.

This makes them perfect for those looking for a short term contract , as well as for those who want to control their spending - such as parents buying mobiles for their children.  The major downside of Pay As You Go contracts is that you have to pay for the smartphone upfront.

Need help choosing a new 3G or 4G phone?

There are a vast range of phones available, including Android, Apple and Windows phone. Some support 3G, while the latest phones also come with support for 4G. You can read our latest phone reviews here to help you decide, or read one of our helpful guides including Best 4G Phones, Best Cheap 4G Phone or Best Cheap Smartphones under £100 or Best Compact smartphones.

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