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Google Android OS To Miss Out On Pole Position

Recent research suggests the Android mobile platform will become the second most popular operating system by 2013.

Since its launch in late 2008 Android has grown exponentially and is predicted to reach an installed user-base of 70 million phones by the 2013.

The research conducted by IDC also suggests that no one has a chance of toppling the Symbian platform from number one slot. Symbian achieves top spot due to the global success of Nokia mobiles, which are without doubt the most ubiquitous mobile across the world.

However, considering Android is a Google product it maybe that over the next 10 years it could become the dominant force in the mobile world. The recent announcement of the Google Nexus One smartphone by Google is a strong signal of intent of Google’s ambition in the mobile world.

The report also suggests that Linux and WebOS mobile operating systems will struggle to make any impact in the period, but will no doubt still have a “select” following.

It’s a power-struggle at the moment in the mobile world and it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft, Google or Nokia come out on top.


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