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Tesco iPhone

Tesco iPhone App Gets Barcode Scanning

26th October, 2010

Grocery application has now been update to include barcode scanning

Shazam for Windows Phone 7

Shazam App for Windows Phone 7

25th October, 2010

Windows Phone 7 users get Shazam App for Windows Phone 7.

Nokia Symbian DAB Headset

Nokia Launch Symbian^3 DAB Headset

21st October, 2010

Enables you to listen to digital radio on your mobile phone.


EA Announce Four Windows Phone 7 Games

12th October, 2010

EA has announced the release of four games that will launch on

HTC Sense

HTC Launch MobileMe Alternative !

8th October, 2010

HTC has launched their own version of Apple's MobileMe service.

HTC Wildfire

Vodafone To Offer Android Mobiles On Pay As You Go

1st October, 2010

Vodafone will be releasing a number of Android smartphones on Pay As


Amazon To Launch Android Store and Tablet ?

30th September, 2010

Amazon are in the process of building their own Android App Store.

Sonos Controller for iPhone and Now iPad

Sonos Controller for iPhone and Now iPad

30th September, 2010

Sonus adds Sonos Controller for iPad to its range.

Sony Ericsson have recently started recommending an “App of the Week”. Last week it was Moodagent and this week it is Foursquare.

Foursquare App Close Up

30th September, 2010

Demo of the Android App Foursquare .

Amazon Kindle

Amazon To Release Kindle for BlackBerry PlayBook

29th September, 2010

Amazon have announced that they will be bringing its Kindle

Winamp Android

Winamp Now Available For Android Mobiles

25th October, 2010

Winamp for Android offers high quality media playback, persistent


Apple Brings Facetime To Macs

21st October, 2010

Facetime is the video calling feature which launched on the iPhone 4

iPhone Apps Reach 300K

iPhone Apps Reach 300K

19th October, 2010

Apple iTunes Store tops 300K iPhone Apps.

Nokia N8 Gets Plug In for iSync

Nokia N8 Gets Plug-In for iSync

11th October, 2010

Nokia N8 users get iSync Plug-In.

Android Skype

Skype Now Available For Android Mobiles

8th October, 2010

The Android version of Skype will run on all mobiles running Android 2.

Nokia has 2.3 Million Downloads a Day on Ovi Store

Nokia has 2.3 Million Downloads a Day on Ovi Store

1st October, 2010

Nokia 's Ovi Store begins to rock.

Wattpad BlackBerry PlayBook App

Wattpad BlackBerry PlayBook App

30th September, 2010

Wattpad heading to BlackBerry PlayBook.

Firefox Home

Firefox Not Coming To iPhone

30th September, 2010

There are technical and logistical restrictions to build the full

Google Voice

Apple Approve Google Voice App

30th September, 2010

Originally when Google submitted the application for approval it was

Super KO Boxing 2

Super KO Boxing 2 Free On iPhone !

28th September, 2010

Super KO Boxing 2 is available free to download from iTunes today.

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