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New Android Market Launching

New Android Market Launching

14th July, 2011

The new Android Market home page has been beefed up.

Nokia Ovi Store

Three Get Their Own Ovi Store Channel

8th July, 2011

The Nokia Ovi store will now feature a dedicated Three channel.

Google Search

Improved Google Search On Blackberry Mobiles

6th July, 2011

Blackberry smartphone owners can now benefit from improve Google

Vodafone Launches Android Market Channel

Vodafone Launches Android Market Channel

5th July, 2011

Vodafone gets its own Android Market channel.

Sony Ericsson Like Wisepilot

Sony Ericsson Like Wisepilot

1st July, 2011

Wisepilot provides an in-car, cycling and pedestrian GPS service.


Get A Cab Easier With LDNTaxiApp For iPhone

29th June, 2011

You can now hail a taxi with your iPhone with LDNTaxiApp.

Samsung Smart View

Stream Content From Your TV To Your Samsung Mobile

24th June, 2011

Samsung Smart View enables you to watch whatever is on your TV on


NFC To Feature In Sony Ericsson Smartphones

20th June, 2011

Sony Ericsson will now include NFC chips in their Android

Sony Music Unlimited

Sony Launch Music Unlimited For Android !

16th June, 2011

Sony Ericsson has now unveiled its own music streaming and storage

Panorama Beta

Take Panoramic Photos On Your Sony Ericsson X10

14th June, 2011

Panorama Beta enables you to take amazing panoramic phots on your

Google Maps 5.7

New and Improved Version Of Google Maps For Android

12th July, 2011

Version 5.7 of Google Maps is now available and features "Transit


Facebook Respond To Google+ With Skype Partnership

7th July, 2011

Facebook has partnered with Skype in response to Google+ "Hangouts"

TAG Heuer Link

Tag Heuer Link - Luxury Android Smartphone Announced

5th July, 2011

Gorgeous luxury smartphone powered by Android.

Google Android Astounds Again

Google Android Astounds Again

4th July, 2011

Over 4.5 billion Android apps download to date.


Google+ The New Facebook Beater ?

30th June, 2011

Google+ is a new social networking service, can it really challenge

Circus City

Build Your Own Circus With Circus City For iPhone

28th June, 2011

Build your own circus with the new iPhone and iPad game Circus City.

Android Users Get ITV Player

Android Users Get ITV Player

22nd June, 2011

Watch ITV programmes on your Android smartphones and tablets.

NFC M-Commerce

M-Commerce - The Next Step In The Evolution Of NFC

16th June, 2011

O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere have joined forces to provide


Identify Trees On Your iPhone Using Leafsnap

14th June, 2011

Have you ever wanted to know what tree you were looking at while

Orange Mobile Gaming Application Released

Orange Mobile Gaming Application Released

14th June, 2011

Gives us mere mortals the chance to become a "virtual music star".

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