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iTunes Match

iTunes Match Now Available In UK

16th December, 2011

Apple iTunes Match is finally available in the UK.


Grand Theft Auto III Arrives On Android And Apple Devices

15th December, 2011

Grand Theft Auto III is now available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

Android Market

New Android Market App Available !

14th December, 2011

Google have released a new version of the Android Market app.

Google Movie Search

Google Mobile Search Now With Movie Mode !

13th December, 2011

Google have introduced a new movie mode on its mobile search facility.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer For iOS Devices Now Supports 3G Streaming

13th December, 2011

Apple have released a new iOS version of the iPlayer, which now


Twitter Gets Totally Revamped on iPhone and Android

12th December, 2011

Twitter has been completely redesigned and is now available on

Google Goggles

Google Updates Goggles and Google+ For Android

9th December, 2011

Google has released updates for Google Goggles and Google+ for Android.

Facebook Android

Facebook Android App Gets Update !

8th December, 2011

Facebook have released a vastly improved Android Facebook app.


Instagram Photo Application Coming To Android

8th December, 2011

Instagram, the popular photo editing and sharing software, is coming


7digital Launching Windows Phone Music App

7th December, 2011

7digital are launching their music service on Windows Phones.


Google Updates Gmail App For iOS Devices

15th December, 2011

Google have released a new version of Gmail for iOS devices.

Google Android

Majel - Google's Version of Siri ?

15th December, 2011

Google are working on their own voice-control system code-named Majel.

Windows Skydrive

Skydrive App Now Available For Windows Phone and Apple iOS !

14th December, 2011

A Skydrive application is now available for Windows smartphones and


Androidify Gets Ready For Winter !

13th December, 2011

A new version of Androidify is now available which adds Winter gear !

LG TV Remote App

How To Use Your LG Smartphone As A TV Remote

13th December, 2011

LG have released a guide showing you how to use the LG TV Remote App.


Orange Selection Now On Ovi Store and Windows MarketPlace

12th December, 2011

Orange Selection is now available inside the Ovi Store and Windows

Xbox Live iOS

Xbox Live Application Now Available On iPhone and iPad

8th December, 2011

An Xbox Live application is now available for iPhone and iPad.

Fruit Ninja

New 10p Apps Coming To Android 10 Billion Promotion

8th December, 2011

Google have added a new batch of 10p Apps to its 10 billion promotion

Flipboard iPhone

Flipboard Now Available For iPhone

7th December, 2011

Flipboard is now available to download for iPhone

Android Market App Downloads

Android Apps Available For 10p To Celebrate 10 Billion Downloads

7th December, 2011

The Android Market has seen 10 million downloads !

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