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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone Apps Account For Just 2 Per Cent Of Total Downloads

4th April, 2012

The Windows Phone platform accounts for just 2 per cent of total

Nokia Maps

Explore Cities In 3D With Nokia Maps !

3rd April, 2012

Nokia have issued a number of videos demonstrating the 3D city view

Nokia Drive

Nokia Drive Gets Updated For Windows Smartphones

23rd March, 2012

Nokia Drive has been updated with speed limit support and traffic


TuneWiki Application Examined By Three !

13th March, 2012

Three selected WikiTune as one of their favourite mobile applications

Nokia Transport

Nokia Transport Now Available On Lumia Smartphones

5th March, 2012

Nokia Transport Beta is now available to download for Lumia


Skype Now Available For Windows Smartphones !

28th February, 2012

Skype is now available to download for Windows smartphones.

Vimeo Windows Phone

Vimeo App Now Available On Windows Phone

7th February, 2012

Vimeo have launched a version of their app for the Windows Platform.

Windows Phone Marketplace Growth

Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 50,000 Apps !

29th December, 2011

The Windows Phone Marketplace has now published over 50,000

Windows Skydrive

Skydrive App Now Available For Windows Phone and Apple iOS !

14th December, 2011

A Skydrive application is now available for Windows smartphones and

Windows Phone 7

Test Windows Phone 7 on iPhone and Android Smartphones

30th November, 2011

Microsoft have launched a Windows Phone 7 demo website !

Nokia TV

Nokia Launching TV App For Lumia Smartphones ?

3rd April, 2012

Nokia are thought to be launching Nokia TV for their Lumia smartphones.

Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Marketplace Hits 70,000 Apps

26th March, 2012

The Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 70,000 applications

Google Search App

Google Redesigns Search App for Windows Phone 7.5 !

15th March, 2012

Google have released a new version of their Google Search App for

The Best Windows Mobile Apps - an overview by

The Best Windows Mobile Apps - an overview by

12th March, 2012

There are several Windows Mobile apps that are geared specifically

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Reading - E-Book Application For Your Nokia Lumia !

28th February, 2012

Nokia are launching a new e-book reader application for the Nokia

Bing Vision

Bing Vision and Image Matching Coming To The UK !

21st February, 2012

Bing Vision is now available in the UK and Bing Image Matching will


Skype Coming To Windows Smartphone Soon ?

16th January, 2012

Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon !

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 Music and Entertainment Video Demonstration

20th December, 2011

Nokia have released a video looking at the music and entertainement


7digital Launching Windows Phone Music App

7th December, 2011

7digital are launching their music service on Windows Phones.

Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 40,000 Apps

24th November, 2011

Over 40,000 applications have been published on the Windows Phone

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