Symbian  Operating System

Nokia N8

Nokia Belle Update Available For Symbian Smartphones

5th September, 2012

Nokia have begun rolling out an update for Symbian Belle.

Nokia 701

Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 Now Available To Download !

15th May, 2012

Feature Pack 1 is now available to download for selected Nokia

Nokia Transport

Nokia Maps Suite Now Available For Symbian Belle

5th April, 2012

The Nokia Maps Suite with the latest version of Maps, Transport and

Nokia Reader

Nokia Reader Available For Symbian S40 Smartphones

30th March, 2012

Nokia Reader is now available to download for Symbian S40 smartphones.

Nokia Pureview 808

Nokia Pureview 808 Close Up !

28th February, 2012

An up-close look at the amazing Nokia Pureview 808 with 41 mega-pixel

Symbian Belle

Symbian Belle Update Now Available

8th February, 2012

Symbian Belle is now available to download on supported mobiles.

Nokia Symbian Belle

Symbian Belle Update To Hit Next Month ?

31st January, 2012

Nokia's Symbian Belle update is due to hit next month!

Nokia E7

Symbian Belle Coming To Nokia N8 and E7

22nd November, 2011

Symbian Belle is coming soon on the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 Review

19th October, 2011

The Nokia 700 is an impressive piece of kit.

Nokia 603

Nokia 603 Colourful Symbian Handset Unmasked

13th October, 2011

The Nokia 603 is a colorful Symbian smartphone with NFC support.

Nokia Pureview 808

Nokia 808 PureView Review

19th July, 2012

The Nokia 808 PureView has by far the best snapper we’ve

Microsoft Office For Symbian

Microsoft Office Suite Coming To Symbian Smartphones

11th April, 2012

Microsoft Office is coming soon on Symbian smartphones.

Symbian Carla

Symbian Carla Images And Details Leaked

4th April, 2012

New images of Symbian Carla have leaked online !

Nokia 603

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 Details Emerge !

2nd March, 2012

The feature pack 1 update brings both hardware and software

Nokia 803

Nokia 803 The Last Symbian Smartphone ?

10th February, 2012

The Nokia 803 is a Symbian Belle powered smartphone that could launch


Skype Now Available On Symbian Belle

3rd February, 2012

Skype is now available on Symbian Belle smartphones.

Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Getting Symbian Belle Early Next Year

8th December, 2011

The Nokia N8 will be upgraded to Symbian Belle in the new year !

Nokia Asha 303

Nokia Asha Affordable Smartphone Range Unearthed

26th October, 2011

Nokia have unveiled the Asha range , affordable Symbian smartphones.

Nokia 603

Nokia 603 - Features Outlined In Video Preview

14th October, 2011

The Nokia 603 has changeable back covers and runs on Symbian Belle.


Symbian Belle - From The Developers Eyes

11th October, 2011

Nokia have released a video documentary aimed at helping people

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The Symbian operating system has fallen out of favour for high-end 3G phones though it was and is a pervasive base for low-end and feature phones from a range of manufacturers. Owned by Nokia, the most powerful version is Symbian^3 – but Nokia has since announced its alliance with Microsoft on Windows Phone, and its future smartphones will run exclusively on Windows Phone.


Other one-time Symbian manufacturers including Samsung and the erstwhile Sony Ericsson (now known as Sony) have bowed out too, to focus on more commercially popular OSes. For now, there’s still a trickle of Nokia lower-end 3G phones and non-3G phones launching on a more basic version, Symbian S40. Our reviews section has more on these phones.

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