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Nokia Layar

Layar Augmented Reality App Now Available For Symbian

7th March, 2011

Augmented reality is where technology and the real-world combine to

Opera Mobile Symbian

Opera Mobile 10.1 Launches On Symbian

24th November, 2010

The new browser offers significantly faster Javascript performance

Ovi Maps

New Version Of Ovi Maps Appears On Symbian

12th November, 2010

Pinch-to-Zoom support has been added to all Symbian^3 devices

Nokia Symbian DAB Headset

Nokia Launch Symbian^3 DAB Headset

21st October, 2010

Enables you to listen to digital radio on your mobile phone.

SugarSync for Symbian Arrives

SugarSync for Symbian App Arrives

20th August, 2010

SugarSync for Symbian App available for free.

Skype Symbian

Skype Now Available For Symbian^3 Mobiles

10th December, 2010

This now means that the Nokia N8, C7 and E5 can all make Skype calls


Skyfire To Discontinue Windows Mobile and Symbian Browser

16th November, 2010

Windows Phone 7 or Nokia MeeGo might get Skyfire 2.0.

Wordpress Symbian

Wordpress Now Available For Symbian Mobiles

9th November, 2010

Wordpress is now available for Symbian.

Swype Beta for Symbian

Swype Beta for Symbian

2nd September, 2010

Swype Beta for Symbian comes to some Nokia smartphones.

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