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Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M – An Early Look At Sony’s Midrange Marvel

10th June, 2013

The Sony Xperia M is set to launch in quarter three of this year in

Sony Xperia Z Swimming

Sony Xperia Z Goes Swimming With Irish Beauty

10th March, 2013

Sony's Xperia Z goes swimming with Irish beauty Daniella Moyles. The

Sony Xperia P 24k Gold Edition

Win A 24k Gold Sony Xperia P Smartphone !

27th November, 2012

Sony are offering people the chance to win a 24k Gold Sony Xperia P !

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T - First Advert Released !

22nd October, 2012

The first Sony Xperia T advert has been released by Sony.

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia J Video Preview !

1st October, 2012

Vodafone have posted a video preview of the Sony Xperia J.

Xperia SmartTags

Xperia SmartTags - How To Use NFC SmartTags !

18th July, 2012

Sony have posted a video guide to using NFC Xperia SmartTags.

Xperia Unleashed

Find Xperia Bots And Win A Sony Smartphone !

10th July, 2012

Sony are running a competition giving users the chance to win a Sony

Sony Xperia Go

Sony Xperia Go And Acro S Tech Spec Videos !

31st May, 2012

Videos of the Xperia Acro S and Go have been posted by Sony.

Sony Smartwatch

Innovative Uses Of Sony's SmartWatch !

24th April, 2012

Sony have posted a number of applications which make great use of

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S Through The Eyes Of A Child

26th March, 2012

Sony have released an advert for the Xperia S through the eyes of an

Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP and Xperia L - Video Close-Ups

19th March, 2013

Sony unveiled the Xperia SP and Xperia L yesterday. Now we bring you

Sony Mobile Bravia 2

Mobile Bravia 2 Display Technology Explained

18th January, 2013

Sony Mobile Bravia 2 display technology features on Sony's next-gen

Xperia Face-Off

Xperia Face-Off - Win Prizes By Controlling Remote Control Xperia T Cars !

5th November, 2012

Sony Xperia Face-Off enables users to control Xperia T remote control

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T - Vodafone Review Sony's Smartphone !

11th October, 2012

Vodafone have posted a video review of the Sony Xperia T.

Sony Xperia SmartTags

Sony Smart Accessories - Detailed Video Demos

30th July, 2012

Sony have posted a couple of videos showing the features of their

Sony Wireless Headset Pro

Sony Wireless Headset Pro Video Guide

16th July, 2012

Sony have released a video showcasing their Smart Wireless Headset Pro.

Mobile Bravia

Sony Mobile Bravia Displays Explained

21st June, 2012

Sony's Mobile Bravia display technology offers amazing pictures, but

Sony Xperia S

Video Shows Sony Xperia S Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich

28th May, 2012

A video has leaked showing the Xperia S running Android Ice Cream

Sony Xperia S

Labrinth Launches Xperia Range In The UK !

11th April, 2012

Sony held a party in London to launch its new Xperia smartphones.

Sony Xperia Sola

Xperia Sola With Floating Touch Tech Video Preview

14th March, 2012

The Sony Xperia Sola is the first smartphone to support Floating

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