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Sony Smart Connect Now Available To Download !

By Simon Thomas on 11th September 2012

Sony have now made their Smart Connect application available to download from Google Play for Xperia devices running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


Sony Smart Connect is an application which lets you control and customise the way your Sony's Smart accessories interact with your Xperia smartphone.


For example, when plugging in your Walkman headphones you could program your smartphone to open the Walkman Player, start a playlist and set the volume to a certain level. You can also undertake similar features when you connect your device to a TV or when using SmartTags.



Sony Xperia SmartTags are NFC tags which enable you to pre-program your Xperia smartphone to undertake certain tasks automatically. For example, when entering the office and passing a SmartTag your smartphone can be programmed go into silent mode, open your calendar and set an alarm for leaving time.


The Sony Smart Connect application is compatible with all of Sony's Smart accessories and can be downloaded free from Google Play by clicking here. Those with Xperia smartphones running on versions of Android older than Ice Cream Sandwich should download Sony's LiveWare Manager instead.

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