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Samsung Working On Their Own Web-Browser ?

By Simon Thomas on 26th September 2012

Samsung are thought to be working on their own proprietary web-browser which will come pre-loaded on its future Galaxy releases including the Samsung Galaxy SIV. That is according to the CNET who spotted the news over at the Korean website the Electronic Times.


Both Apple and Google already have their own web-browsers which come pre-loaded on their devices , so it comes as no surprise to hear that Samsung are keen to get into the browser market. The thing with mobile browsers, unlike web-browsers, is that the version pre-loaded on the mobile is the one consumers normally use making it even more key !


Apparently , Samsung have been trying to recruit WebKit developers for some time to produce the "Samsung Browser". WebKit is the open-source engine used to produce many web-browsers including Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers.


Software is another way to differentiate yourself in the competitive smartphone market and we can see it becoming increasingly important over the next couple of years. 3G think that very soon smartphones will reach a level of performance where any new gains don't make that much difference to everyday use , in a similar way to how  PC technology has plateaued.


We assume it'll be quite some time before we see Samsung's proprietary browser appearing on smartphones and the Galaxy SIV's launch towards the end of next year seems like the most likely time for its introduction.



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