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Samsung Galaxy SIII Hits 20 Million Sales

By Simon Thomas on 06th September 2012

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has now hit 20 million worldwide sales according to Samsung. This amazing figure has been reached in just 3 months which is six times faster than the Galaxy SII reached this landmark figure.


The Samsung Galaxy SII was already Samsung's best selling smartphone of all time , but it looks sure to be eclipsed by its all conquering successor. We're not at all surprised to see if faring so well and we'll be interested to see how the launch of the iPhone affects its sales.


The Galaxy SIII's sales will make Samsung a little happier after US courts recently ordered them to pay Apple £644m for infringing on their patents. Apple are now trying to compound Samsung's woes by trying to get the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note banned from sale in the US.


We highly doubt Apple will get the Galaxy SIII banned in the US, but if they do succeed it'll really affect the sales of Samsung's smartphone. 3G will be keeping you updated on all the latest court rulings in the US when judgements are given.


The Galaxy S3 is a stunning smartphone which we reviewed earlier in the year where we concluded that "This is a perfect production from Samsung." You can read our full Galaxy SIII review by clicking here.


The Samsung Galaxy SIII is available to buy on some great deals on Three which you can checkout by clicking here !



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