Nokia Lumia Gets Exclusive World Of Red Bull App !


Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia have announced that their Lumia smartphone range , including the Lumia 920 pictured above,  will be getting an exclusive Red Bull application called "The World Of Red Bull".


Red Bull sponsor a vast number of extreme sports athletes around the world and this new application enables you to keep up to date with all the latest news related to Red Bull's sports stars.


The World Of Red Bull application features news and videos from all over the world and  can be  customised to include only the content users are interested in. Additionally, the  app enables users to view all the latest Red Bull events on a map and then invite friends to attend the events with them through their favourite social networks.



You can find out more about the World Of Red Bull application for Lumia smartphones by watching the video posted above. The app should be available to download on Nokia Lumia smartphones very soon !

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By Simon Thomas on 18th September, 2012

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