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Netflix Adds iPhone 5 Support

By Simon Thomas on 28th September 2012

Neflix have released a new version of their application for the iOS platform which adds support for the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 has a new wide-screen aspect ratio which is great for viewing movies and multi-media files. Therefore, Netflix is the perfect application to take advantage of new Retina display and for this reason we're grateful that the app has been updated.


All current iOS apps will need to be updated to support the iPhone 5 because if they arn't you'll have to put up with black bars due to the new aspect ratio. That's not all that bad in some applications , but when it comes to games and movie playback it's pretty unacceptable.


The new version of Netflix also improves the speed of browsing the application, search and even the streaming of movies themselves. For those who've never across Netflix it's a premium movie streaming service which costs £5.99 !



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