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iPhone 5 v Galaxy SIII - The Drop Test !

By Simon Thomas on 25th September 2012


The Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 5 are bitter rivals and the crew over at Android Authority have posted a video which aims to find out which of the two smartphones is the toughest.


The video, which can be viewed above, compares the build-quality and strength of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII by dropping them from various heights. Firstly, it starts of at trouser level and then moves onto ear-height before finally dropping the smartphones from 10 feet.


We don't want to spoil the results for you, but 3G has to point out that one of the reasons that we preferred the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy SIII was its superior build-quality. So we'd like to thank the guys over at Android Authority for re-assuring us that we made the right decision.


Click here to read our comprehensive comparison of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII !


In all seriousness this is a non-scientific study and anyone who wants a strong durable smartphone should look no further than JCB's Toughphone range. However, the video does still give us some idea of how likely your iPhone or Galaxy SIII is to break if dropped and should give you a better idea of whether mobile insurance is a worthwhile investment.


If the video above hasn't put you off then Three have some great iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII deals available , which you can checkout by clicking here.

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