iPhone 5 - Most Pre-Ordered Device Ever At Carphone Warehouse !


Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 launched in the UK today and is now being enjoyed by millions of people across the UK.


The Carphone Warehouse have now announced that the iPhone 5 is their most pre-ordered device of all time. That's quite a feat because the retailer has been trading in the UK since 1989 so they've seen many mobiles launches in their time.


Apparently, Carphone Warehouse also saw their internet traffic up 63 per cent this week. Interestingly, on the night when the iPhone 5 was announced over half of the traffic to the website was from mobile devices !


Sadly, no official figures have been released concerning the iPhone 5's actual sales, but we expect it to become the best selling smartphone of all time. Previous predictions suggested that Apple will ship 58 million iPhone 5's before the end of 2012 alone.


One thing we do know for sure is that the reaction to the iPhone 5 has been more positive than when the iPhone 4S was announced. If this is anything to by then we expect the iPhone 5 to easily eclipse the iPhone 4S's success.


3G will report on all information regarding the sales of the iPhone 5 when they are released by Apple.

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By Simon Thomas on 21st September, 2012

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