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iPhone 5 Hits Two Million Sales In 24 Hours !

By Simon Thomas on 18th September 2012

Initial reactions from journalists and experts when the iPhone 5 was announced was one of disappointment that the smartphone wasn't as powerful or innovative as many had expected. However, it seems the general public are pretty impressed with sales smashing all previous records.


Apple have announced that in the first 24 hours of sale alone they sold 2 million units of the iPhone 5. This included the smartphone selling out on Apple's own store in just over an hour leading to current pre-orders not being shipped for 2-3 weeks.


We assume that if Apple had more stock the figure would have significantly higher than two million. Even as it is this smashes the previous record set by the iPhone 4S , which hit 1 million sales in the first 24 hours.


Yesterday, we brought you news of a report from a Yankee Group analyst who suggested that Apple could sell 10 million iPhone 5's before the end of the month. With sales hitting two million in the first 24 hours this doesn't seem an unreasonable prediction.


Apple were also predicted to go on to sell almost 60 million iPhone 5's by the end of 2012 according to a study conducted by Bloomberg. This is a quite staggering figure but one which Apple could easily reach if its current success continues !


3G will be reviewing the iPhone 5 as soon as possible and hope to get our hands on the new iPhone 5 when it launches on September 21st.

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