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Instagram Optimised For iPhone 5 and iOS 6 !

By Simon Thomas on 27th September 2012

With the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 many developers are working hard to update their applications to take full advantage of the new advances in technology. One such developer is Instragram who've now released a new version of their application.


The Instagram application has now been completely optimised for iOS and Apple's iPhone 5. That means it takes full advantage of the new iPhone's larger 4 inch display and the wide-screen aspect ratio. 


For those who've never come across Instagram it's an image editing and sharing application. You can easily add filters to your images giving them a stunning finish , which you can then easily share with your friends and family.


The new version of Instagram makes registering for the service even easier and quicker so you can start creating images faster. Additionally, the password recovery feature has been improved just in-case you suffer from a case of short-term memory loss.


Strangely, one feature has been removed which is the ability to add a "Live Filter" to your image. Now you can only add filters before and after you've taken your snap and apparently Instagram are phasing out Live Filter on all versions of the app.


The main reason to update is if you own an iPhone 5 because you'll no longer have black bars around the application and can enjoy full-screen image editing bliss . You can download Instagram for iOS from iTunes by clicking here.

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