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Improve Your Blackberry's Battery Life With Application Resource Monitor

By Simon Thomas on 10th September 2012

Battery use is a major concern for all current smartphone owners and those with Blackberry smartphones will now be glad to hear that RIM have released a new application aimed at improving your devices battery life.


The new application, called Application Resource Monitor, checks for applications running in the background on your Blackberry smartphone. You can then identify those that are unnecessarily draining your battery and close them, or alternatively you can get the application to automatically close all unused applications currently running in the background.


You might think it seems strange to have applications which arn't being used running in the background , but it happens all the time especially on smartphones with multi-tasking features. Often users don't even realise the other applications are running in the background unnecessarily using their smartphones battery.


The Blackberry Application Resource Monitor is currently available in beta form and is available on all smartphones running on Blackberry OS 7.13G highly recommends users to download the Resource Monitor, especially those unhappy with their Blackberry smartphones current battery life.


You can click here to download the application free right now.

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