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Facebook To Add Automatic Photo Uploading !

By Simon Thomas on 25th September 2012

Facebook are apparently working on including automatic photo uploading into the next version of its Facebook application for Android devices.


The feature will work in a very similar to the one included in Google+ and will automatically upload photos from your devices folder onto Facebook's servers. According to The Crave the feature is already in testing and will be appearing the next release of the Facebook App for Android.


The immediate response on hearing about automatic uploading is concern that images you don't want shared with automatically appear on your profile. However, don't panic because all images automatically uploaded first go into a private album and need to get your approval before they appear on your public profile.


One thing that users should be aware of when the feature finally launches is that it will use up mobile data. Those without much data or paying per MB should probably disable the feature to stop unnecessary costs being occurred.


At the moment we're not sure if Facebook will be including automatic uploading on other platforms, but 3G see no reason why they wouldnt include it in the iOS , Windows Phone and Blackberry Facebook applications.




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