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Ebay Application Coming To Windows 8 Tablets !

By Simon Thomas on 06th September 2012

Windows 8 tablets are set to launch before the end of the year and the good news is that an eBay application will be available on the platform.


The eBay application will enable users to buy and sell items on their tablet and has been fully optimized for  larger touch-screens. Infact, eBay have worked very closely with Microsoft to ensure the application is perfectly streamlined with the Windows 8 operating system.


The new eBay application includes a number of gestures to make using it even easier. For example, a number of swipe gestures have been included which makes navigating and searching intuitive. The application also includes a comprehensive search feature and enables users to list items for sale in under 60 seconds.


The eBay application should be available to download on Windows 8 tablets when the platform launches in October.


So far we've heard about a number of Windows 8 tablets which will be launching including Microsoft's Surface, Asus's Tablet 600 and an unnamed Samsung tablet. 3G expect a whole host of new Windows 8 tablets to be unveiled over the next month so keep posted !

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