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Blackberry 10 Facebook Application Showcased !

By Simon Thomas on 28th September 2012


Blackberry Jam is currently taking place in California where its being dominated by news ofBlackberry's new operating system Blackberry 10.


Blackberry 10 is due to be released early next year with the end of January looking the most likely launch date. RIM showcased the new Facebook application which will come pre-loaded on all Blackberry 10 smartphones.


The video posted above gives an outline of the major features of the application and gives you a good idea of what to expect from Blackberry 10 as a whole.


The Facebook application for Blackberry 10 offers a full fledged Facebook experience and improves the speed of the app across the board. The news-feed is now super responsiveness which is great because a lack of responsiveness is often one of the criticisms aimed at mobile versions of Facebook.


A new peek feature enables you to slide across the screen to reveal a hub showing all your latest Facebook updates. While , Facebook for BB10 also enables you to use the Timeline feature of the social network.


Over the next couple of months we expect to learn a whole lot more about Blackberry 10 and 3G will be keeping you up to date on all the latest news !

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