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Augmented Reality To Be A Huge Growth Area In Next Few Years

By Simon Thomas on 03rd September 2012

New research, conducted by Juniper Research, suggests that Augmented Reality is going to go through a period of huge growth in the next few years.


According to the research by 2017 over 2.5 billion augmented reality applications will be downloaded on mobile devices per annum. That's a crazy amount and shows the huge potential of the new technology and how it could start influencing many aspects of everyday life.


For those who've never come across augmented reality it's a new technology which combines reality with a mobile display  to enhance everyday life. For example , when looking at a street through your mobile's camera your mobile would point out buildings/locations in the area and details about them.


A number of augmented reality applications are already available on smartphones and tablets. Infact, earlier today we brought you news of a new augmented reality application called Nokia City Lens, which is already available to download on Nokia's Lumia smartphones.


The best augmented reality application we've seen so far is one developed by Sony which uses LiveAction technology. The application then brings a full 3D model to life which you can turn around and even take a photo with. You can find out more about Sony's LiveAction AR application here.



Google are already working on on the next level of augmented reality which involves releasing a pair of AR glasses called Google Glasses. The glasses are worn like a pair of sunglasses and use an in-built display to offer information relating to your surroundings. The glasses are controlled by a combination of sight and sound making them totally hands-free.


3G has no doubt that augmented reality is going to explode in the next couple of years and we're looking forward to the amazing new uses of the emerging technology.

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