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Apple iPad 4 To Sport Widescreen Display ?

By Simon Thomas on 28th September 2012

The biggest change when Apple announced the iPhone 5 was its 4 inch wide-screen display, which has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Now it looks like Apple could will include a wide-screen in the next iPad.


New rumours from sources close to Apple and reported by TheExaminer suggest that Apple already have wide-screen iPad 4 prototypes in circulation. We wouldn't be at all surprised by the move and it would vastly improve the iPad's gaming and multimedia potential.


The iPad 4 should launch in March if Apple's standard 12 month product life-cycle continues , so it seems quite viable to the crew at 3G that prototypes could already be doing the rounds at Apple. The other question is whether the iPad 4 will have the same size 9.7 inch display as The New iPad or a larger or even smaller display.


In related news the same source stated that there isn't any talk about the iPad Mini from sources close to Apple. Could it be that Apple's affordable tablet won't be launching in time for Christmas afterall. We wonder whether they'll launch the device at all because it could hamper their premium brand image.


We'll bring you all the latest news related to Apple's tablets and smartphones when we hear anything more !



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