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Samsung Galaxy SII Sales Hit 10 Million !

By Simon Thomas on 26th September 2011

Samsung have announced that they have now sold over 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy SII.


The Android smartphone launched back in May across Europe and Asia, while the US launch only took place earlier this month, which makes these statistics even more staggering.


Amazingly, Samsung sold 3.6 million Galaxy S2's in its home market of Korea alone, while 3.4 million were sold across Europe and another 2.3 million across Asia.


If the Galaxy S2 proves successful in the US then these figures will grow at an astounding rate. Even at its current installed user-base the Galaxy S2 is the biggest threat to the iPhone's dominance in the premium smartphone market. As well as the recent US launch Samsung have launched a new White version of the Galaxy S2, which should boost sales further.


Apple must be concerned about Samsung's growing market share and this is reflected in the fact they and Samsung are locked in patent lawsuits.


Those without a Samsung Galaxy S2 can add to the already impressive sales figure by buying a Samsung Galaxy SII on Three by clicking here.

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