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O2 Releases 2.3.4 Update For HTC Sensation

By Simon Thomas on 20th September 2011

The HTC Sensation was first updated to Android 2.3.4 last month when Vodafone released the update. Since then Three have confirmed the update is coming soon to their network and now O2 have released the update.

Compared to the majority of Android updates 2.3.4 is a minor affair, but it does fix a number of bugs and security flaws which have plagued the operating system. Furthermore, it does enable video calling in Google Talk so its definitely worthwhile downloading.


Like all Android updates you should try and download over a WiFi network or home network rather than using up your mobile data. 


The HTC Sensation is a powerful Android smartphone and an even better version will be launching soon. The HTC Sensation XE was announced earlier this month and has a better processor (1.5GHz) and 4GB of onboard memory. However, the flagship feature of the XE is that it comes with Beats By Dre headphones and optimized music playback.


You can download the Android 2.3.4 update for the HTC Sensation from O2 over-the-air right now.



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