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Windows 10 Mobile is rolling out in December

By James Rogerson on 15th October 2015


Windows 10 Mobile has been a long time coming, but not only has it now been announced, Microsoft has also given an idea of when we’ll start to see it on devices and the wait is almost over, with December given as a vague timeframe for when the rollout will start.

The news was revealed in a comment on the official Microsoft Lumia Facebook page, so you can take it as an official announcement.

Bear in mind though that while Microsoft has promised to push updates to phones as fast as possible once they’re ready it will in part be down to mobile networks, which will need to do their own testing, so while Microsoft is aiming for December it’s possible that some phones on some networks won’t see Windows 10 Mobile until next year.

It’s also possible that Microsoft’s own schedule will slip, though given that the software is on to its final stages of development that’s unlikely.

Also sadly if you’re using a Nokia Lumia 530 or any other Windows Phone handset with just 4GB of storage you’ll likely be out of luck, as Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile requires 8GB of internal storage.

Still, for everyone else the announcement is great news, as you could well be enjoying Windows 10 Mobile within a couple of months and if you just can’t wait even that long you could always pick up a Microsoft Lumia 950 or Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

These two new flagships are launching with Windows 10 Mobile pre-installed and should be available to buy from the very beginning of December.

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