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Xbox Music - All-In-One Music Service Announced

By Simon Thomas on 16th October 2012

Microsoft are going through a crucial period with the upcoming launch of Windows 8 , Windows RT and the mobile version Windows Phone 8 all taking place in the next couple of weeks. Now they've announced Xbox Music , which is a new all-in-one music streaming service that will be available on all of the new platforms.


Xbox Music offers users free music streaming, a subscription service and the opportunity to buy music outright all in one elegant solution. Xbox Music has more tracks available than iTunes with a whopping 30 million available when the service launches later this month !


The free music streaming service features adverts which will play every 15 minutes. In the first six months you won't have any limits on the amount of music you can listen to , but after that period there will be a limit to the amount of hours you can stream.


This is where the subscription based service comes in , which costs £8.99 a month and gets you unlimited ad-free access to the music library. Additionally, the premium service gets you access to "The Cloud" enabling you to access your music, playlists and favourite radio stations across all supported devices including Xbox 360s, desktops, laptops , tablets and smartphones.


Xbox Music also enables you to purchase music outright which will then be available on your Cloud-storage to access from anywhere. Xbox Music will also scan and match tracks you already own and make them available to access on the service.



Xbox Music will also be the default music player on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 RT devices and enables users to access their music, make playlists and access radio stations. The "Smart DJ" feature will also recommend music based on the tracks you currently own or listen to.


Microsoft also plan to make Xbox Music available for Android and iOS , but that's still some way off. However, it'll come pre-loaded on all Windows 8 devices with the platform due to launch on October 26th and the mobile version which is expected to land early in November.

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